UPDATE: Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 = HELL… again!

Oct 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

It looks like the 11 release of ubuntu is just one cruel joke to see how many users they can get to migrate to away from this now useless, mac OS wannabe operating system.  Upgrading to 11.04 was a mess, but it worked at least.. 2 days later I get a notification that 11.04 is out and now everything has gone to hell and a hand basket..

For of all this new Unity desktop is fucking garbage, if I wanted to use a Mac i would, if I wanted to use a tablet I would, but I’m not, i’m using linux.

Today I will chronical my adventure through this nightmare to get the OS to actually boot up and then after that to get everything working smoothly the way it was in 10.04 without this new unity garbage or anything else that is setup to box me into a certain way of using my OS.. I use linux because the OS evolves with me, I change and modify every aspect of it to work best with my brain, my way of functioning and now they want me to do things their way, without asking without even giving a way of undoing it.  If this is the way it’s gonna be then I, along with 1000’s of others I imagine, are out to find another distro.  Stay tuned

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