Ubuntu 11.10 Upgrade Hell: Part 2 – Aesthetics

Oct 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

Well the operating system is functional, I can get emails, I can surf the web, I can connect via wireless or, for the first time with this laptop, via a cat5 cable but man oh man does it look like shit.

The main issues I have to deal with right off the bat are:

  • Compiz not loading when lightdm starts.  This results in the nice things like my desktop cube not working to more glaring problems like transparency on icons not working.
    • So the first one’s easy enough..  You just need to add a the command ‘compize –replace’ to the startup programs.  Done and done
  • Top and bottom panels are back in full force and ugly as shit.  I’m missing my system menu, it looks like it’s been jammed into Applications/System Tools/System Settings, loading up like a classic windows control panel.  If I wanted a windows control panel I’d bloody well use windows
    • The solution I came to with this was to remove gnome-panel all together and just have awn handle everything.  it has a great plugin for main menu and places to replace the menus in the top panel and then clocks and running apps to replace the system tray.  It already replaces the task bar at the bottom on it’s own so there’s nothing to worry about that.
    • To prevent gnome-panel from loading all together just go into /usr/bin/ and chmod gnome-panel to 444 (You’ll need to do this as root or with sudo). and viola your screen is so much cleaner
    • What I chose to do next was to add 2 additional docks(bringing my grand total up to 3) placing 1 in the top left, one in the top right and leaving the main on centered on the bottom.  The top left one has my Cairo Menu and the top left contains all the goodies I’d want in a system tray and then some.. they are all tucked away so I never need to have screen space occupied by a useless panel anymore.  There were a couple extra applets I had to install which required the instructions from here
  • When rotating the 3D Cube the screen redraws/flickers
    • No way around this, compiz 3D cude is only operating at 80% at the moment
    • Tried installing all proposed/bleeding edge updates but there was no fix
  • I’m unable to move windows from one desktop/workspace to another via ctrl-alt-super left or right
    • So pretty mega annoying little bug is that when you move a window with ctrl-alt-super to a different workspace and let go, it just goes right back where it came from.  I discovered a crude work around where if you move the window and then just let go of shift and rotate the cube again(without moving the window this time) the window will stay in place.
    • Tried installing all proposed/bleeding edge updates but there was no fix
  • Lastly the window shades doesn’t really work..  It will rollup just fine but it leaves this ugly outline where it was.  Ugh. Found a forum thread saying that instaling the proposed updates would fix this but it doesn’t so don’t waste your time or risk one of those messing up your system even more.
That pretty solves all of my aesthetic problems.   I think I am going to look into pimping out the greeting screen as I hear lightdm lets you do some crazy stuff with it, but as far as fixing goes we’re all done!  Hope that helps
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2 Comments to “Ubuntu 11.10 Upgrade Hell: Part 2 – Aesthetics”

  1. BauerPower says:

    I had a windows OS but I really wanted Linux so I downloaded it and followed all the steps to install. It worked better than I thought until I got onto the home screen and it said I had to download ubuntu Linux 11.10 ( or something like that). Now the problem is I need Internet to download ubuntu but since I have wi fi I have to reconect. I have no idea how. Please answer my two questions 1 why do I have to download the ubuntu thing again 2 how can I conect to the internet ( I have netgear and a desktop, so I have to install some program that opens window for connection [ that was on windows vista])
    Ps: I used my iPod to upload this ( I am not lying bout my computer problem)

  2. admin says:

    Don’t upgrade.. whatever you do dont’ go to 11.10, it is a nightmare and it is the reason I now use Debian. You shouldn’t have a problem connecting to th einternet though, that is one of the best things about ubuntu, the wifi drivers work better than in windows

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