LAN gaming between an XP box and a Windows 7 Box

Jul 31st, 2011 | By | Category: Technology

Let me save you the hours of googline and hacking that I did by telling you up front that it just don’t work.  Well at least not for Age of Mythology which is what we were trying to play..  Windows 7 machines were able to see each other just fine but the XP box was a big no go.  Tried everything, looked everywhere and even found a thread somewhere of some guy trying to get the same game to work, claiming it did but when I ran through the exact same procedures the results were still a no-go.

Maybe it works with some other games but the vast majority of threads I read all ended very much unresolved giving me the distinct impression that these two beasts were never meant to play together.. So if you are looking at hooking up that old XP machine to a LAN for some oldschool FTS or FPS action, stop and see about upgrading it to 7 because it’ll save you a bundle of time in the long run.

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  1. lakhdar says:

    yeah lol i gess u raight . after all iv tryed evry thing just to play conterstrike

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