Which WYSIWYG editor is right for your drupal site?

May 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

Well I just spent the past 2 hours testing every single editor in Drupal as it’s been about a year since I last went through them all and for whatever reason I can’t remember I wasn’t happy with Ckeditor / Fckeditor.

Well let you save you some time and tell you to just use CKeditor.  Actually Ck / Fck have merged so there is only Ckeditor now and it looks like it turned out for the better.  I posted about some bugs in Fckeditor a while back and so far I am seeing none in the new merged version.  This editor does everything you’re going to need and more, it looks great and best of all it’s the only one that actually Works 100%.  The rest either had limited functionality, or required me to edit .js files in order to enable more buttons or had varying degree’s of bugs in them that caused them to not work properly.

So, head over to http://ckeditor.com/download and be damn happy that the one editor that does work the best with Drupal happens to be one of the all around best editors out there.

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  1. Druped says:

    CKEditor being the best editor, maybe, but how to install it? This is part of the recurrent annoyances with Drupal: no up to date documentation, the user must devise him/herself how to install the extension. That’s not serious!

    Trying to install Wysiwyg module (the API which supports editors) + CKEditor + CKFinder on Drupal:

    – Drupal 7.4 installed!
    – Wysiwyg installed with 7.x-2.1. The module says install CKEditor in sites/all/libraries/fckeditor. That’s wrong, as it pertains to Drupal, the CKEditor module needs to be installed in the modules folder, normally using the normal install procedure.
    – CKEditor 7.x-1.x-dev installed normally, as mentioned previously, in modules folder. Dev version is used rather than stable, because stable is not compatible with Wysiwyg 7.x-2.1. Would have appreciated to know since I first installed the lastest stable. Then I uninstalled it, but no luck: after unchecking in the module page (deactivate) and uninstalling in the uninstall page, the module is still there in the module page (though unchecked), and if you want to install the correct version then Drupal says the module if already installed! Then what? I deleted the folder in the modules folder, seems to be enough for the install of the Dev version.

    Then you try and you discover it is not working, because the Drupal module is not the editor but just a wrapper for the editor to make it working in Drupal. So you download the actual CKEditor (version 3.6.1) from the author site (not from the Drupal modules site). In the Drupal module folder previously installed (sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor) there is a file (COPY_HERE.txt) that says “drop the editor folder here”. This is also what is said in the editor zip file, but don’t do that, this is actually in the sites/all/libraries/fckeditor folder (as mentioned on the module parameters page of the wrapper) that you need to copy the files from the editor author site.

    At this point CKeditor works, maybe the toolbar is not displayed first time, but after that it seems ok. However there is no “browse” button when inserting an image in your content page. That’s ok, you learn that you need to add an extension CKFinder that have this button and stop entering URLs manually.

    So you download the CKFinder software from the same author site. And you don’t know what to do with it, because there is no instructions… so you ask google and find a page that explain you need to put CKFinder in the modules folder as a subfolder of CKEditor. But wait… CKEditor was installed in the “libraries” folder… then what to do, etc… etc…

    In the end you have everything at the proper place, but if you try it doesn’t work, because guess what…? You have a lot of configuration to do in multiple files, including removing the script function that prevent everyone to browser your whole computer…

    After all that work… you still don’t have the Browse button in the editor! So here I say Stop! I won’t debug the whole installation procedure. I’ll just use another module. That’s the best decision after more than one wasted hour on the best Wysiwyg editor of the world…

    Please when you recommend a software, try it before. Don’t trust what others say.

  2. NotDruped says:

    Druped, I feel your confusion on this .. but the choices are:

    1. Install the stand-alone drupal module (drupal.org/projects/ckeditor) and follow their instructions on how to integrate that with the externally downloaded ckeditor (fckeditor and ckeditor have merged)

    2. Install the drupal wysiwig module, and then integrate that with the externally downloaded ckeditor by unpacking into sites/all/libraries .. this also works for other editors.

    I have gone with the second option and tinymce and it is working flawlessly for me. The drupal wysiwig module is awesome, and I reckon they should get that into core.

  3. NotDruped says:

    In fact, using the wysiwig module, I have a choice of all the supported editors and can chop and change between them in my development system ..

    supported editors include: ckeditor, tinymce, yui editor, whizzywig, openwysiwig, nicedit, markitup, wymeditor, etc .. I couldn’t recommend the drupal wysiwig module loud enough .. it is really useful

  4. admin says:

    yep, that’s exactly the route I’ve taken as well.. It’s necessary in the end as I use separate editors for separate parts of the site after finding some just didn’t work at all in certain sections of my CMS.

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