Using Openx Magic Macro and dynamic variables in HREF / html code

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Ok, so this is pretty obscure but I felt the need to post it considering the results that I’ve seen are totally contrary to the published resources from openx and the community.

What I want is to pass along variables via the href / html code that appears in the <noscript> tag.  If I pass it along via the javascript as are the instructions most places it works exactly how it is supposed to according to all the literature out there, but the moment I want to pass those variables via the pure html code within the <noscript> nothing works, no variables are passed.

I went for help on IRC and didn’t get a response after waiting 12 hours, I posted a question on their forums and it got deleted, so if you want a support model to follow with your business look else where because openx sucks donkey balls.  That aside I was tinkering for a good hour and noticed some weird behavior when I forgot to put one of my variables into the destination url after removing it for some testing.  I left it out of the dest url but put it back into the href tag and viola, it’s getting passed on.

Soooooo, what you need to do to pass variables / magic macros along to openx via the HREF tag you need to do two things, one of them completely contrary to all instructions out there.

First your html on your page should look something like this:

<a href=’;cb=235364574&amp;VAR1=3505&amp;VAR2=222222′ ><img src=’;cb=235364574&amp;n=a4342876&amp;VAR1=3505&amp;VAR2=222222′ style=”margin-right: 2;float: left;” border=”0″ alt=’_fullTitle_ in _CITY_’ align=’left’></a>

and then in your destination path for the banner itself make sure that you do NOT and I repeat NOT have any reference to those variables.  Just have the plain jane dest url as is and it should work.

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