Not all Javascript popup boxes are created equal

Mar 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Internet, Technology

I was implementing a feature onto one of my networks today and needed to use a javascript popup box to bring up a booking table.  You know those cool boxes that darken the rest of the screen and popup a slick looking window?  Well I needed one and apparently they all such except the one titled: “A pop-up window that doesn’t suck“.  You can skip this article and go straight to it here if you want:


The first box I tried was TinyBox which looks great,  probably the slickest looking of the boxes but it had problems loading a php file in an iframe properly.  You see I need it to load page.php?id=5555 where 5555 would go into certain areas of the page that get that url variable.  It loaded all the code properly it just wouldnt’ execute the php within the page.

The second one I found was Thickbox which worked out well enough again,it looks slick, not as cool as TinyBox but still nifty however unfortunately we encounter the same problem.  Php is loaded by not executed… Booooerns

The saying ‘third time’s the charm’ applies perfectly here because last but definitely not least I found GreyBox which is aptly titled: A pop-up window that doesn’t suck which turned out to be not just a euphamism but actually true because unlike the cool looking shitty boxes prior that wouldn’t execute my php Greybox worked like a bloody charm.  Unfortunately it doesn’t quite look as cool however I was able to customize the close button and change that grey gradiant so it at least looks a bit better.

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