Install Mod_security, deinstall mod_security and now ALL sites loading 403 error

Feb 13th, 2011 | By | Category: Internet

Well this was a stupid ass wacky problem I ran into today.  I installed mod_security on a virtual server with a bunch of clients on it to try to troubleshoot a problem.  mod_sec didn’t fix it so I deinstalled it.  Much to my chagrin after the de-install I get a complaint that someone’s site was loading up a 403 error.

Strange I thought, then noticed all his sites were loading a 403 error, uber strange, then I noticed everyone’s site on the entire server was loading a 403 error.  Now this is just f’ing stupid.  Double, triple checked that mod_sec was deinstalled and all traces removed from apache. Even installed it and deinstalled it again, restarted apache a dozen times, even rebooted the server.

Nothing worked, everything was still hoopla’d, until I checked each clients home directory where all of their domains resided and noticed its permissions were 700.  Read write execute for owner but absolutely nothing for group or stranger.  Now I have no idea why this would cause such a mess as the dirs for each domain within their home had proper perms but it did.  whether mod-sec did this and didnt’ undo it on deinstall I don’t know but chmod 755 to all clients home directories solved my problem in a jiffy.

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