All Time High-Score for Overgod’s Time Trial

Feb 9th, 2011 | By | Category: Games

Well googling ‘Overgod’ and ‘time trial’ and ‘high school’ come up with absolutely zero results, so here’s hoping that there’s actually someone else out there that plays this game as much as I do and will stumble upon this.  Better yet, here’s to hoping there are a few hundred people out there like that 🙂

Seeing as there isn’t a world-wide top score list anywhere for what might be one of the funnest most addicting games I’ve ever played I figured I’d start one.  Especially in celebration of my new high-score yesterday which completely blew anything I’ve done previously so far out of the water it’s not even funny.  In fact the only reason it wasn’t higher was because I was dealt an indestructible enemy at the end, boooerns!

So leave a comment below with a link to a screenshot of your high-score table and I’ll add it to the list, for now this looks horribly narcissistic but it’s gotta start somewhere:

  1. 1 Hour+: Josh Triplett (No screenshot but this bug report)
  2. 1:00:36 – Ryanw

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