Getting more and more excited for AMD’s Fusion APU’s in 2011

Nov 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Technology

I’ve been putting off upgrading my laptop for 2 years now in anticipation of the new line of Fusion APU’s from AMD to be released in 2011.  While Intel may have won my heart in the desktop market, pioneering one of the most important advances in transitors since their invention decades ago AMD is positioned to win my heart in the mobile market by boldly combining the CPU and the GPU into one of the most beautiful love childs this industry has seen.  Keep in mind we aren’t talking about an integrated graphics solution such as Intels abysmal GMA series, we are talking about about the culmination of ATI’s merger with AMD to create a whole new kind of processing unit, a hybrid of the two (if you don’t have nerd chills yet you should probably see a doctor).  To put it in perspective, think of fitting Nvidia’s Ion 2 graphic core into Intel’s dual core Atom die, while using less silicon and shrinking the package size

What we are seeing out of testing is performance comparable to dual core intel chips, much much higher 3D performance with power consumption dropping by up to 40%..  What can you do with a 40% increase in your battery life? Pretty damn exciting isn’t it?

I must say that after the revelation of Intel’s abhorrent business practices in connection with dell showing how intel is basically using their size to ensure AMD never has a fair competitive advantage in the market I am hoping with all my heart that AMD just takes intel to the fucking cleaners on this and starts to mop the floor with them in the netbook and notebook market. I for one will be out there supporting this beautiful piece of innovation.  It almost makes me excited to know that these fusion APU’s will be powering the next generation of apple products, almost but not quite enough to get me over the feeling that putting these chips in macs soils them in the most disgusting and repulsive of ways.  But whatever, if it helps them get a foot hold so be it, and seeing as they’ve released open source drivers already for us Linux geeks I’m tickled pink!

Some great articles I’ve read recently that will fill you in on all the juicy(and technical) details of the beautiful birthing that is about to take place.,2786.html

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