Reason I love Linux #114 : You feel like a Wizard

Aug 9th, 2010 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd this isn’t a reason for productivity or efficiency it certainly improves your mental state throughout your work day.  When you get experienced with linux you literally feel like a wizard.  Because, more often than not, it is more efficient to do things sans GUI you really get into the guts of the system, and because of the customizability of absolutely everything those guts begin to evolve over time, guided by your hand and personal style.   Not just in the aesthetics of the operating system but also the very command structure in terminal.  You build shell scripts for absolutely everything and so as your O/S ages it becomes more and more unique to you meaning that even another experienced linux user wouldn’t be able to sit down and accomplish what I can accomplish with my OS.  This causes a very deep and personal connection with you OS, as it works the way it works only for you and no one else.  So when you are going nuts in it, uses all of the little nuances that only you know you completely feel like a wizard because for anyone else looking over your shoulder, even another linux user it will look like magic at times.  Now for a non-linux user you can literally get away with renaming yourself Gandalf the Grey without anyone questioning it because none of what you are doing will make any sense at all but the results from your magic will be so far beyond what they even thought was possible in terms of efficiency, productivity, organisation and overall coolness with an operating system.

I mean shit, when I’m up late writing articles in the dark I literally light my screen on fire and work by the burning glow of the virtual flames

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