Drupal, me and myself: Chapter 8 – WYSIWYG?

Jul 2nd, 2010 | By | Category: Technology

Or is it?  because for a long time trying to install a few editors for posts and content I saw nothing!  My first foray was with FCKeditor, which was rough around the edges and ended up having a major major bug in it.  Ugh, so annoying.  When you went to edit a post it would briefly bring up the contents on the original post and then replaced it with the html code in its entirety of the front page.  Not sure why and it really only surfaced today, so perhaps something else I did caused this to happen but either way out it went.

I’ve also been forced to remove /misc/jquery.form.js entirely which limited some of the editor modules I could use.  However I found out the secret with getting a good working WYSIWYG editor in drupal and that is to NOT use the editor modules at all.  Instead go out and get the WYSIWYG API and follow the instructions carefully.  It makes a huge huge difference because I tried CKeditor next and guess what?  It was a complete mess, wouldn’t load anything, just crapped out.  I would say this is because of my muching around with the jquery stuff, however when I use the WYSIWYG API and then go grab the CKeditor files from: http://ckeditor.com/ , load it into my /sites/all/libraries/ directory and have the API load it up it works like a charm.  Not only does it work like a charm but this editor is saawweeett.. Definitely recommend CKeditor for you and all of your friends.

So I went in and deleted all of the other editor modules and now I have a perfectly functional editor for all my stuff and my drupal install is shaping up nicely.   I know, I know I said I would get to the SVN but the inability to edit posts properly grabbed my attention here.. So now I’ll pitter patter and get at er!

One last thing, I was having trouble with putting images into posts and then upon previewing them not having them show up.  Turns out that if you don’t have full html set as your input type then this doesn’t work, so I just had to go in and set full html as my default input format.

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