Myself Drupal and Me – Chapter 6.5 and 7: Jquery UI &Recent images

Jul 1st, 2010 | By | Category: Technology

So the 1/2 a chapter is accounted for because of a little upgrade that needed to happen on jquery UI.   You should do this regardless of if you’ve encountered any bugs but I started to receive errors telling me that ui.core.js is missing.  In which case you’ll need to install the latest version of jquery.ui and following these instructions:

Now the next thing on the agenda was that I wanted my team to be able to log in and have a portion of the sidebar dedicated to showing the last 10 images uploaded by anyone else on the team.  I fooled around with a module called featured content, but that went no where.  Next was a module called Views Showcase, which was supposed to show this cool ass showcase highlighting the latest items on a node.  That also didn’t work as the instructions were 3 years old and the views module has changed too much since then.

Now, I’m not sure if I installed a module that made this appear, but suddenly when I went into the blocks config I noticed a ‘latest images’ option there which I promptly configured and dragged into the sidebar.  Viola!  Just like that I now have the latest images on my front page.  Huzza!

PS:  There are two things that you want to make sure of here.  First is that you didn’t install the jquery update module which gets drupal to grab and use the latest version of jqueury.  Even if yo uremove /misc/jquery.js completely this module will override it and you’ll still be stuck with this html error.

The second thing is that you can also look to the /misc/jquery.form.js for a solution.  If it is still going on head over to : and download the latest version to your server.  Might help

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