Drupal myself and I – Chapter 7: Obvious but Overlooked

Jul 1st, 2010 | By | Category: Technology

The first Obvious yet overlooked thing I just got around to setting up with a module called ‘Comment Notify’

Comment notify is a great little module that I didn’t even think about over the past week and a half of drupal setup but it is such a common sense one that I wonder how it was overlooked.  Especially when considering the way the forum’s are setup.  This module was actually quick and painless to setup.   You just head over to http://drupal.org/project/comment_notify download it, install it and then the configuration is pretty straight forward if you follow the directions.  But without your users will not be able to subscribe to forum threads and with it everyone can be auto-subscribed to their own comments which is great to keep the team communication going full bore.  Something that is so important when you are organizing people around the world

The second Obvious but Overlooked aspect of my setup was the fact that as an admin my view is going to be different than my teams view.  For some things this is a no brainer like admin menu’s and configuration screens, however when I am outside of the administration area of Drupal I just assumed that everyone would be seeing what I am seeing.  Not so much.  After writing a big long instructional article on cataloging submissions and organising assets I had one of my team members inform me that half of the links and buttons I referenced in the article didn’t exist for him.  So I created a quick dummy account, granted it the same perms as the other users and lo’ and behold I had 1/2 of the menu’s than with my admin account.  I just had to go through the roles and permissions setup for the users and grant them all access to the modules that they needed to use but definitely something to check after you spend a week going nuts and setting up a flurry of features.  Double chck that your users have access to them 🙂

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