Me and Drupal: Chapter 2 & 3

Jun 25th, 2010 | By | Category: Technology

So for the past few days I have been up to my ears in Drupal.  I am finding the overall setup and implementation easier than I remember although it certainly is time consuming to learn and get things just right.  The biggest thing I would say is finding a theme that looks somewhat decent to motivate you to start working on the site layout and suck.  I have a few in there that look decent, I was on Black Mamba for a while but have settled in on Acquia Marina for the time being made by the guys over at (it’s one of the free ones).

The other big task is going through the insane list of modules are available for Drupal.  My goal here is to have a CMS that manages our Company’s internal Wiki, our Forums, our Project Management System(PMS), the assets we create, video content, blogs and finally an SVN.  These are a lot of systems a few of them very complex but somehow Drupal can do it all under one roof(which is why I’ve signed up).

The message forums were the first to get setup, and the easiest mind you.  It was just as easy as enabling the module and then creating all of the containers and forums for the team to post in.  It looks a little vanilla right now but I am hoping there will be some cool custom theme out there somewhere that jazzes everything up.

Second was the PMS.  Currently we are using Dotproject for all of our PM needs and I cannot rave enough about it.  Firstly it’s open sourced and the guys over at as insanely helpful.  They have a phenomenal product and if you are looking for a stand alone PMS to run on a central server and be accessible by a distribute team then Dotproject is for you.  Unfortunately for us however there are no Dotproject integration modules for Drupal so I had to look elsewhere for one that is native to drupal.   Luckily enough there seems to be a fairly polished and recently updated module called Storm.  Again it was fairly simple to setup however I have not got my hands dirty with it yet so we’ll see how good it is.  Either way it looks like the best PMS offered for drupal so it’s going to be awesome as that is it is my only option 🙂

The other thing that was a cinch to install was the IRC module.  Just a quick download and enable away and you too can have an IRC chat channel within Drupal.  Of course now I need to go back and refamiliarize myself with eggdrop and get a bloody bot running on IRC somewhere..

Right now I am beginning work on integrating Wiki functionality with Drupal and have installed several mediawiki modules, one which is supposed to tie into an existing Wiki installation that I have however I have no idea how to go about that as the documentation is fairly spotty and there doesn’t seem to be any tools in the admin area to integrate my mediawiki install.  Most of the modules available seem to be about integrating the users from drupal to your wiki install so there is no need to relogin, however what I want is a wiki inside of my Drupal site so that it is all seamlessly together.  That order, unfortunately is much hard to fill 🙁  Just tonight however I did stumble upon this article: detailing how I can go about creating a Wiki within my drupal.. So I’m pretty stoked about that and it is my next course of action.

It would appear there are too many outdated modules referenced in the above tutorial for it to really work properly.  I do have some wiki functionality but it is fairly limited and so the hunt continued.    I came across this great conversation thread: that discussed much of what I was thinking and some high level concepts of how to do what I am attempting  This led to the installation of a few extra modules.  However in the comments section of the original tutorial I found a link to this tutorial: which deals more with Drupal 6 and some up to date modules that lend even more wiki functionality to what I am doing.

Incase you missed it in the above link there is a nice node with wiki filter examples here:

Inside of Flexifilter there were also several wiki components such as the wiki api and such that I am hoping will automatically add all of the wiki functionality to drupal

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