Me and Drupal : Chapter 1 (There could be sparks here)

Jun 19th, 2010 | By | Category: Technology

Up until this point I have been managing remote teams with a smattering of very useful tools.  phpBB3 or YaBB for message boards, Dotproject for project management, MediaWiki for internal documents, TeamSpeak for our voice conferences.  My toolbox was built up our of trial and error and sometimes following the path of least resistance.  But today there is a package that has the potential wrap all of my tools up with a nice pretty bow, add on SVN /  git functionality and much more.  The only problem is that the learning curve is a bit steep to go head into a complicated multi-module drupal setup as I have tried before and was deterred after a few fruitless days. However this day I approach it with new vigor and over the next month I will not quit until I have this system functioning exactly as I want it because i know once I have learned what I need to learn and set it up the way it needs to be setup I will be left with a system of unrivaled efficiency, functionality and usability for me and my teams.

So I shall document my journey’s, making sure to note all the struggles along the way as there will be many in hopes that others will be able to save some of the blood, sweat and tears .

Today my first problem was the installation.  I got to the screen to enter my database name, mysql username and all of that good stuff and then when entered correctly it would just refresh that page, clearing all of the text boxes I just filled out.  Now if I entered anything in incorrectly it would tell me there was an error with this or that but when it was all kosher itwould just blank out the text fields and refresh the page.   Quite strange, and so after researching I found out that if you move the ./sites/default/default.settings.php files to .sites/default/settings.php as it asks you to it does what I just described.  It would seem that it needs that default.settings.php file AND a settings.php files in that directory to function properly.  So word to the wise, do a cp command instead of a mv command and save yourself the trouble

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