Sony raping customers with new HD movie sales on PSN

Mar 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Technology

Another wonderful show of corporate greed constructing their own demise.  I just can’t understand why anyone would pay basically the same price for a movie on PSN as you would in a store, or on Amazon and not get a physical disk.  Now being an avid steam user I am not unfamiliar with paying for convenience but the movie arena is far far different than that of the Video Game arena.  For example, I’m not going to be taking Half Life over to a friends how for an evening, going through the setup and updates just to watch him play on his machine for a few hours, I’ll more than likely take my machine over with me to play together, or just play over steam.  With movies however having a physical disk is a bit more important.  But even then, with portable hard drives I can see it, however charging $20.00 when the film company is no longer paying for shipping, boxing, distribution, or sharing the sales profits with a retail outlet is ridiculous.  We know how much money they are making currently with the current model so you can’t convince me that they are really hurting as it is and they need this price point to justify some sort of cost we don’t know about.  I also know how much they are paying for their bandwidth, which is next to nothing in comparison to their sales.  It’s all just corporate greed refusing to pass the savings that a technology developed and refined by the masses has granted them and they wonder why they can’t profit off it as much as they want to.  Stop porking your customers in the ass and maybe once people see you offering something at fair market value you might see them paying you what you deserve.

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