Shortcut problem / changing shortcut keys in Evolution

Jan 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

So for the past two days I have had this problem in Evolution, my email client, where ‘m’ was the new shortcut for add attachment.. Not Ctrl+M but just M.  So everytime M was pretty it would stop what I was typing and open up the add attachment dialogue box, obviously making it impossible to write an email with any word containing the letter m in it.  I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to change the shortcut keys for these sorts of things but today I just randomly stumbled upon it and thought I would share.

What you do is with a new email open go into the insert menu (alt+i) and use the arrow keys to highlight(but don’t press enter) then with the command select press your hotkey combination.  Or in my case I simply press the ‘m’ key with add attachment selected and then it bound m to that action.

It’s an awesome way to handle shortcuts but there is a distinct lack of documentation on it so hopefully this article will find its way onto some google searches of people with a similar dilema.

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  1. Mahalingam R says:

    This is awesome..You saved my day.
    Somehow the shortcut for toggling to “HTML” mode was assigned to key “N”. I was not able to type “n” in the composer. I spent almost a day trying different things. Your article has helped to come out of this problem.


  2. untitled says:

    “It’s an awesome way to handle shortcuts but there is a distinct lack of documentation on it so hopefully this article will find its way onto some google searches of people with a similar dilema.”

    It certainly did!

  3. TG says:

    Wow! I thought either I or my computer was going crazy. Even contemplating re-building the entire system after my “L” key started playing up in Evolution. Thanks for the info.

    Thumbs up to Evolution for allowing this easy configuration of shortcut keys.

    Thumbs down to them for not documenting it.

    Double-thumbs down for allowing single keys (like M or L) to be set as a shortcut key without requiring Ctrl or Alt etc. Who does that? At least display a warning, or a confirmation that you’ve changed a short-cut key, anything!!

    Anyway, I’m happy (and sane) again.

  4. bernd says:

    Now that I know about this feature I wonder why other applications don’t use it as well. Such a quick way to configure shortcuts I’ve never seen anywhere else. I would be happy if it became a standard like ctrl+ins/shift+ins/…

    But it was really hard to get to know about it.
    Thanks a lot!

  5. Foz says:

    It never worked for me using Debian, not even now with Evolution 3.03.

    “Crtl-Return” is an extremely frustrating “feature” of Evolution.

    GNOME was meant to be usable!!! help!!!

  6. godshatter says:

    Two days is even worse than my situation!!

    I use shortcuts galore in XFCE Xubuntu 12.10. I was using a wireless “ergonomic” Microsoft keyboards to ease in typing some programs with no obvious problems. While using the terminal emulator I must have accidently changed the keyboard shortcut for help because everytime I typed the letter e, I launched Firefox to the emulator help page. But I set all my own shortcuts all over the place both within the emulator and within the XFCE window manager. Could there be a shortcut for setting shortcuts I wondered? That would be idiotic I though because it would be so easy to change a single character, say a vowel, to a shortcut.

    After fixing this in the emulator and confirming that xfce4-keyboard shortcuts were ok I went on to send an email. I couldn’t type the letter ‘e’. ‘Hmmm, this seems familiar’, I thought. But 2 hours later I still can’t type the letter ‘e’. The quick fix was to substitue an ‘a’ for the letter ‘e’:

    Exampla lattar taxt. Soma coworkars might not ba abla to undarstand you with this problam.

    I checked encoding, html vs. normal text, etc… I fortunatly noticed that html changed to normal upon typing ‘e’. So style was the shortcut. Finally I found your mindsaving post. Different letter, but probably similar cause. I tried resetting the style (which changed the e shortcut to undo – possibly even more retarded), but on my second attempt all is right with the world again.

    You have my admiration sir
    The evolution developer/developers that thought being able to accidently set a vowel as a shortcut in what is basically a ‘taxt aditor’ do not. Feature or bug…Features can be bugs, right?

  7. Lakis says:

    Thank you! You are a life saver.
    I could have never figured this thing out. You saved the week not just a day.
    I would like to get my hands on the programmer who did this. I accidentally changed letter K with insert attachment. Could not use the keyboard. I was getting ready to edit xml files.

    Thanx again and God bless

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