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Come one come all and fill your boots with delicious Opera goodness.  While I’m slightly dissapointed than Synaptic didnt’ alert me with an update sooner and I have to download it from the website I’m holding back my ire in hopes that Opera 10 can finally do away with the horror that is Opera+Flash in a linux environment.  With that hurdle crossed I will definitely switch 95% of my browsing to this far superior browser.

Why you ask?

Opera 10 alpha is powered by the Presto 2.2 rendering engine, which, according to the website, should provide ‘significant improvements in speed, performance and security’. Presto 2.2 also comes with improved CSS performance, web font support, and a score of 100/100 at the Acid3 test, where Firefox 3.0.5 gets 71/100 and Konqueror fails. Acid3 is a test page for web browsers which shows how much a browser follows web standards like DOM or JavaScript.  As I can attest to in linux firefox is an absolute tortoise compared to the lightning fast reflexes of opera and I’ll give nearly anything to not have to deal with feeling like I’m on a 386 everytime anything java related pops on the screen.

Opera Turbo, new compression technology for slow connections which the company claims enables broadband-like speeds by instantly compressing pages. Opera says that in its own lab tests, Turbo provided up to eight times higher speeds.

“Opera Turbo is our newest innovation, and one we think everyone should try, because we all will face a slow connection at some point,” said Jon von Tetzchner, Opera’s CEO. “Now, there is a solution, and it is absolutely free.”

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a new toy to play with 🙂

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