Best Use of Music in Video Game Trailers

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Added Multiwinia to the top because A.) I’ve got mad respect for Introversion and their products but this trailer is just a bold brilliant move.  The piano makes you instantly sad for the suffering and pain of war.  The brilliance lies that you feel, albeit only slightly, this tinge of sadness for the scenes you are witnessing, when the scenes and the game multiwinia itself is so abstact that normally you would never feel this.  Great GREAT game, great company, wicked use of music and to make a trailer that essentially tells you nothing about the game who’s purpose is only to illicit an emotional response well that takes balls and brains, cause they pulled it off.

Such a beautiful song that lends itself surprisingly well to the trailer, a testament to those who created it.

You have to give them credit, the boys over at the M$ marketing department know better than anyone how to create a compelling experience with audio in a game trailer

Original WoW trailer.  The song on the soundtrack is called ‘A Call to Arms'(are at least it’s similar enough to see it was used) and is one of the most powerful game pieces ever written.  It’s too bad the song is slightly muted, worth listening to it all on it’s own here

I had to bring in a trailer from AITD as the 2008 OST is definitely one of the more powerful soundtracks created in recent years.

How many companies offer remixes of their commercials? I mean come on, the musical component in itself might not be worthy of a mention but it’s use and the fact that money was spent to pump this out sure as hell is.  Plus it might have the best last line for any trailer ever 🙂

One of the most recognizable pieces of music from any game trailer without a doubt.  I dare you not to get goose bumps from this.

Bravo!  When faced with the challenge of how to represent visually the music of the Beatles in a trailer they could have gone down so many cop out, traditional routes but instead they put their balls out there and made something beautiful and creative.

Beautiful song for sure, good call Ubisoft

I’ve had no choice but to smile ear to ear with every trailer for this game, but the music in this one makes me more than otheres 🙂

There can be no denying the brilliant pairing of Big Band style music with the visual style presented in TF2.  Both compliment and strengthen each other so well that one viewing of a TF2 commercial and it’ll be in your head for days.

The mellow guitar riff beautifully juxtaposes what is going on in the scene.  Plus the big band sounding theme for TF2 itself is brilliant.

The song just makes everything seem so serene and graceful, even when it involves violence.  I imagine that being the point EA was going for to describe the way the character in mirrors edge moves and acts

Got some more that I missed here?  By all means lets hear it!

***Additional Suggestions I Missed***

Brilliant, again the use of music to juxtapose what is happening in the music has such a great impact I am surprised we aren’t seeing this technique more

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8 Comments to “Best Use of Music in Video Game Trailers”

  1. This one is also great:

    “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, Dead Space

  2. admin says:

    Brilliant.. I heard about this in the start of my search but completely forgot to follow up on it . Thanks for the tip!

  3. Tim Wharton says:

    Harking back a bit, I always felt the music in the introductions to Monkey Island 1, 2, and Day of the Tentacle was excellent and set a standard for the time. Sure the music it primitively rendered in comparison with modern scores, but they stand up pretty well (Press Play on Tape, god bless ’em

  4. Matt says:

    Assassin’s Creed to “Lonely Soul” by Richard Ashcroft for Ubidays 07

  5. Matt says:

    It may just be all the time I put into Morrowind, but the trailer gives me goosebumps:

    World in Conflict was also promoted well:

    That’s all, I promise. : )

  6. Matt says:

    Hrmm double posted a link – but this one is worth a follow up (World in Conflict again).

  7. admin says:

    haha, one of my favorite songs of the 80’s.

    Good tracks for sure, but I guess my question is do those specific tracks enhance and make those specific clips brilliant, or are they just great pieces of music thrown onto cool clips, yet neither gaining anything specific some each other. What I find brilliant about say the Gear of War track is just how that track makes the whole war experience haunting, honing in on the emotions that you don’t necessarily attach to war games or scenarious and that is the feeling of loss, sadness and the haunting memory(illustrated by the haunting song) of the way things used to be. I find a lot of trailers can throw great pieces of music but the music isn’t necessarily an ingenious mix with the trailer it just happens to be a great song on it’s own which adds strength independently of what it is attached to.

  8. admin says:

    Defintely some great tunage back then.. There’s a lot of 8 bit tracks that still sound great today for sure!

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