Gun Control is for the birds? Ha! We need some bullet control!

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I just added my two cents to a massive forum debate on gun control so I figured I would copy and paste my post here as it was already typed up and all 🙂

The whole argument about ‘if you crimilize guns only criminals will own guns’ is fear mongering at it’s best. I am not sure at all why anyone would argue against the fact that less guns mean a LOT less deaths in society. Take any country at all that makes hand guns illegal, compare the amount of deaths from firearms to any country where hand guns aren’t illegal.. The biggest problem I see with arming a population is that you have stressed out, overworked, unemployed people getting into situations where something happens that just pisses them off so incredibly much, loosing their cool going into road rage and in their pocket is a solution to all of this.. It isn’t the people that plan out murders methodically that troubles me, as has been said before those people will find a way to kill people either way. It is the people that loose their minds for 5 minutes that in any other country would be forced to get into a fist fight, or forced to just walk away, but in a country with hand guns in their insanely raged state they grab into their pocket and before their brain even has the chance to say ‘whoa buddy, this is the wrong thing to do here’ they have shot someone.

I imagine this accounts for more deaths than anything else, the simple fact that if they didn’t have quick easy access to this gun they would have had a chance to cool down for even a few minutes allowing the situation to difuse, or at the very worst beating someone unconscious(but at least they aren’t dead).

Anyone not living in the states can attest to the palpable feeling of uneasiness in the air and in the people when you enter that country.. People are on edge to such a larger degree it makes your skin crawl, there is an under current of unease that permeates the city centers that you can feel it to the point of being uncomfortable if you aren’t used to it. If I knew that x out of 10 people around me were carrying a hand gun I sure as hell would feel that same way too.

The worst part is that people quote ‘their right’ to own a gun. Do you actually know the details of this right, have you EVER engaged in any independent critical thought about WHY we should have this right as a human being? 200 years ago, it was every white man’s right to own a slave, not constitutionally, but no one would dare question that right. Why? Because no one for one second had an independent critical thought on the subject and ask themselves ‘why’ is this my right? The same for guns, before you go off about the ‘obvious’ points like self-defense, go and tell me what the rate of robberies is in countries where guns are illegal, go and do honest research about how many unarmed people in these countries are killed by guns and honestly tell me if they would be alive today if they were carrying a gun. This isn’t an 18th century duel where both men draw their guns, this is a random event that kills you before you have a split second to react. You could have a mini-gun in your pocket and it won’t mean a damn. Don’t just regurgitate what the people around you say, don’t spit out the same fear you’ve been fed, do honest research and think for yourself.

Here are gun-related deaths per 100,000 people in the world’s 36 richest countries in 1994:

United States 14.24; Brazil 12.95; Mexico 12.69; Estonia 12.26; Argentina 8.93; Northern Ireland 6.63; Finland 6.46; Switzerland 5.31; France 5.15; Canada 4.31; Norway 3.82; Austria 3.70; Portugal 3.20; Israel 2.91; Belgium 2.90; Australia 2.65; Slovenia 2.60; Italy 2.44; New Zealand 2.38; Denmark 2.09; Sweden 1.92; Kuwait 1.84; Greece 1.29; Germany 1.24; Hungary 1.11; Republic of Ireland 0.97; Spain 0.78; Netherlands 0.70; Scotland 0.54; England and Wales 0.41; Taiwan 0.37; Singapore 0.21; Mauritius 0.19; Hong Kong 0.14; South Korea 0.12; Japan 0.05.

Now I also have to be open, if there are good arguments for why Canada has over 3 times less gun related deaths per capita than the USA I definitely want to hear them.. I mean both countries are becomming more and more one every day, both are right next to each other and share pretty much all the same values and ideals. Where is that 300% divide coming from? Or Japan? .05 per 100,000 ?

Some reading:

Chris Rock’s solution is just so simple it might work 🙂

Someone replied that the gun crime rates was related to the population size more than anything else, as well as being related to organized crime.  So I went and typed up another bloody essay, figured I would just append it to this post:

Again it is the lack of critical thinking and research that troubles me the most about gun advocates, or people in general for that matter. You yourself have thrown out theories that gun crime has an exponential relationship to population? These words, to someone desperate to believe you hold weight as they sound intelligent but what is it that you even mean by that? You are saying that the number of gun crimes exponentially goes up with population? and what are you basing this theory on? The first thing you should have done is to break down the country list by population to see if you are actually correct. When estonia is #4 the gun crime list at 1.2 million people and Japan is dead last at 127 million people you have to do some very serious rethinking of your initial theory. There are numerous numerous studies from universities around the world that clearly links crime, murder and burglary to 2 things: Education and Poverty – not population size. Not right here I would make a case that another way to combat gun crimes would be through better Education programs for the under privileged but that is not what we are talking about.

But the main problem is that you postulate your theories and possibly become entrenched in them, like many many people as am not singling you out by any means, before you even take the time to find out if they are true or not. Herein lies the problem, being ‘right’ becomes more important than being ‘correct’

Take a look at the lowest countries on the list. What do most of them all share in common? It isn’t population, it isn’t wealth, and it isn’t education levels. It is that they are All essentially island states, they have a much much greater ability to police what is coming in to their country than the top countries. I say essentially because South Korea only borders with North Korea and having a border with them, traffic wise is as dead as having a border to no where. The same goes for HK being in China, which no doubt has the tightest controls on weapons or trade in the entire world.

So not only do they have strict gun laws but they also have more efficient means of controlling the flow of weapons into their countries making the weapons that much harder and more expensive for your average person to get a hold of. This leads me to believe that if you make it more difficult for the ‘average’ person to get their hands on weapons, you are going to see drastic decreases in gun crime.

We aren’t going to be naive and say that organized crime doesn’t exist in large numbers in these countries, especially Japan, it does just like any other well populated country, and I wouldn’t doubt that these gangs are armed.

One last thing to consider, over 50% of all gun related deaths are suicides. Do you think these people would have killed themselves if they didn’t have such a quick, easy and convenient way of doing it? You think if they had proper support and/or counseling they would have made a different decision? But just like the enraged maniac I mentioned in my last post, in this fit of emotional unrest that drives them to a temporary states of insanity, they have a solution to their problems right there and then and before they can even think if it actually is the right solution they’ve pulled the trigger on a decision that no one can ever take back.


Highest Gun crimes – Pops all over the board

United States 14.24 Population : 307,212,123
Brazil 12.95 Population : 198,739,269
Mexico 12.69 Population : 111,211,789
Estonia 12.26 Population : 1,299,371
Argentina 8.93 Population : 40,913,584
Northern Ireland 6.63 Population : 4,203,200
Finland 6.46 Population : 5,250,275
Switzerland 5.31 Population : 7,604,467
France 5.15 Population : 64,057,792
Canada 4.31 Population : 33,487,208

Lowest Gun Crimes – again pops all over the board
England and Wales 0.41 Population : 61,113,205
Taiwan 0.37 Population : 22,974,347
Singapore 0.21 Population : 4,657,542
Mauritius 0.19 Population : 1,284,264
Hong Kong 0.14 Population : 7,055,071
South Korea 0.12 Population : 48,508,972
Japan 0.05. Population : 127,078,679

And just a little satire to strike the point home

In The Know: New Iraqi Law Requires Waiting Period For Suicide Vest Purchases

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