Katalyst Celebrity Pledge Video – Powerful signs of the change Obama is a sign of

Jan 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Inspiring

Saw this on Myspace today and was moved by the power.. We’ve seen videos like this in the past, and well a ton of them leading up to the victory of Obama but for some reason this one resonated even more powerfully.¬† The key will be to continue this message for years and years, saturating peoples minds with the notion that being a wonderful human being is the most important thing.


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2 Comments to “Katalyst Celebrity Pledge Video – Powerful signs of the change Obama is a sign of”

  1. Margaret Powers says:

    What the heck are you people thinking? I have been doing all of the things these people pledge for most of my life and FOR SURE for as long as I can remember! Why now does everyone feel the need to pledge to be a good person? What must your parents think of you that you just now decide to be a good person! I’m fairly certain that this will not get published because if you haven’r figured it out already…you should be ashamed of yourselves. How about you stand up like a man and be a good person all by yourself without being told by the movie stars to do so!Or the president for that matter! jeesh……frightening!

  2. admin says:

    I would imagine that some people, or these days a lot of people just need a kick in the pants. Tell me though do you get just as worked up about Mothers against Drunk Driving videos? I mean even more so than being a good person the last thing people should need is anyone telling them not to drink and drive. But we applaud and organization who spends money to change public perception on something that 50 years ago used to be perfectly acceptable. So when it comes to being a good person, generally changing peoples perceptions by having people that our media crazed society idolized come out and say ‘be a good person’ why is it that we, or you, get so upset? Why is it shame on us? The video is a sign of change, people are spending money to reach out and try to change the way our selfish, gluttonous and destructive society is. And while we ‘should’ be like this naturally, and while we shouldn’t need celebrities to tell us anything, our society as a whole right now ISN’T full of generous, selfless people who have the betterment of mankind on their minds.. So what do we do? Let them carry on like this or actually try to change the way these people think any way we can?

    I would look hard at where your anger stems from, it seems like such a waste to have that inside of you just ready to boil out at the slightest touch instead of being able to smile and see the positivity being things.

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