Man Locked in room for 100 days – Nintendo holds the key!

Dec 31st, 2008 | By | Category: Game Industry, Links – Gotta love this guys tenacity.. No internet for 100 days, my god this guy is going to emerge a Zen Master.  Check out his site, or simply go here: and let Nintendo know that this guy deserves a little, or a lot more respect than what he’s been given.

To quote Bob

I don’t need a publisher, that’s not the issue. I must become a licensed developer to have a licensed game with licensed tools.
I’m not asking Nintendo to publish my game- they aren’t a publisher for third party titles. Many publishers are interested in “bob’s game.”
All I’m asking from them is that they allow me to purchase a DVD with the software I need to get my game into retail shrinkwrap.

The Game:

The actual game does look pretty promising, with a lot of the features of the RPG adventure genre that you would expect to see the big boys put out that they just don’t:

  • over 200 completely unique characters!
  • many things change depending on the in-game time, day and weather
  • 20-hour-long retail-size
  • deep personalities that evolve

Demo Videos of The game:


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