How to update php5 or any port in BSD

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Well I figured I would join the throng of blogs with a brief run down of cvsup , considering I just wrote a nice email about it and all I have to do is copy and paste to share it with the world :

Basically you just need to install cvsup by compiling and installing it

So head over to /usr/ports/net/cvsup and do a make && make install as root

After that is all installed

copy /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile to a new location, such as /root or your home directory.
1. Edit ports-supfile you just moved to /root
2. Change to a CVSup server near you.  IE:
3. You also want to scroll down and make sure the line “ports-all” is commented out and simply scroll down and uncomment out the ports-lang only.  This will make sure it only updates that tree instead of the entire thing.  (however you can ignore that last steo if you want to do a complete update) Save the file
4. Now to run cvsup, use the following:
# csup -L 2 -h /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile

# cvsup -L 2 -h /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile

Then go into /usr/ports/lang/php5 and do a quick make(as root) and then make install

Viola php5 is updated

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  1. Thanks for the short tutorial…

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