Laser TV not Vaporware afterall – Mitsubishi releases LaserVue

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I’ve been following Laser TV technology for some time now and for a bit there I was convinced this was all Vaporware.  Years of promises and nothing to show for them.  Well that is all changed now with the release of Mitsubishi’s ‘LaserVue’ TV.  The 65-inch LaserVue (L65A90) TV features 500 nits of brightness; 1080p resolution; smooth 120Hz technology; x.v. Colour; and comes with 3D-ready viewing capabilities and a full stereo range of sound with built-in speakers. The 10-inch-thin unit is also designed for both wall-mount and floor standing situations.

LaserVue Laser TV greatest strength comes from taking the world’s purest light source and pumping out twice the color1 of many of today’s HDTVs. Laser beams provide an extensive range of rich, complex colors, insane clarity, and immersive depth of field. LaserVue smashes the old standard for large screen television by delivering unimaginable color, all the while using 33% the power of an LCD and 25% the power of a comparable plasma. Even cooler is the fac that these beasts come 3D-ready and each of the 3D Ready large-screen DLP HDTV’s feature a slim design, lightweight construction, and energy efficient operation.  Apparently The first 3D content will be PC video games, followed by movies, then later sporting events and television sitcoms or other broadcasts.

Technical Details:

Technical details LaserVUE:


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