I fly off in 4 hours.. Great success!!

Nov 16th, 2008 | By | Category: Game Industry, Inspiring, Random Musings

Just to let everyone know that my flight leaves in 4 hours and I will be engaged in heavy negotiations and presentations for the next few days securing my future and that of a Game Studio I can call home in Montreal!  Absolutely over the moon excited about this and we have prepared a presentation that will blow them out of the water.  Will hopefully be able to update the blog at some point but my heart is racing from the thought of taking these first steps into a life long dream and no matter what happens as long as I am taking these steps I am thrilled, proud and ecstatically happy!


I am so grateful for so many things, my being is filled to the absolute bursting point with gratitude.  I would not choose a different path in a million years than the one I am walking.  That path is what I am most grateful for

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