Oh, 3.5 hours of sleep is one thing, 45 minutes is another

Nov 10th, 2008 | By | Category: Game Industry, Random Musings

Today’s survival with definitely be chemically enhanced.. Mucho Caffeine in my system unfortunately and of course I used the last of the Coffee yesterday night.  I think Alex Gonzales is partly responsible for this one as the guy works pretty much as hard as I do so if I see him up then dammit I’m staying up working!  Can’t be outdone now can I?

So the Health insurance nurse was here at 7:30 to take urine samples to make sure that I am not a raging alcoholic or crack fiend as we applied for the uber low premiums because of our insane healthiness and they need to take blood and urine samples in that case before you are given them.. Good stuff.

Recording a new article on Industrybroadcast.com about optimizing the art pipeline and the more of these articles I read the more I realize I have to learn if I want to run a bloody game studio.   Shit making a game has got to be one of the most complicated processes out there and just to think there is some guy at the top that understands how each step works along the way amazes me.  I am counting my lucky stars that we will be working on a much simpler flash based childrens game first and then going for gusto with Paradise Lost as we will have a ton of learning to do and doing that learning on the kids game will be much easier than on PL.

Now I believe it is time to meditate for 30 minutes, gain some energy and power and then go out and buy another tub of Coffee.  After I am properly caffeinated I have a nice large Proposal document to work my ass off on.  I finished the concept document for the children’s title last night and I am fairly proud of it so I have high hopes for the proposal document.

I also have high hopes for the artist meeting today.  We have a meeting of minds between myself, Alex Gonzales, Roland Brown, Timo Karhula and Paul Scott Canavan.  All some of the greatest artists I have had the pleasure of working with and all coming together as a dream team of sorts to pump out this presentation package for friday!  We are going to be hasing out ideas, comparing the concept art work that was put out over the last day and a half and then finalize a final art look and feel for the project.  Should be exciting!

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