Aahh, massive restructuring of Netvibes and a massive meeting

Nov 10th, 2008 | By | Category: Game Industry

Finally have netvibes working more efficiently for me. Up until today I just had all of my feeds coming into one general tab(100’s and 100’s of new stories all skewn together)  Now it is all organised into tabs for General news stories, Tech news, Game Development and then Blogs.  I think I am going to do a full article on the power of netvibes and how to use it fairly soon as it really is an invaluable tool.

Phew, just finished a 3 and a half hour meeting with my 4 lead artists for the new kids game.. We have completely sorted out the visual style for this project, or at least have a clear direction.  Very excited about that as we dove into immense detail on exactly how the foreground, framing foreground, mid ground and distant background is going to look.. I can’t wait to show off the art work for this as we are going to really create something unique and distinct here.  Something impressive enough that I feel can be made into a full blown adventure game if we decide to go down that path, it is that indepth.  I can’t re-iterate enough how amazing  it is to be dealing with such talented artists.  There is such a huge swath of diversity from them all in how the imagine this world, each as incredibly talented as the next just in a different and unique way.  A truly inspiring bunch to be working with.
Concept Work by Timo Karhula

Ha, I had my 45 minute nap this afternoon and even with a mere 1.5 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours(+3 from the day before) I feel more awake than ever.  Now I need to create the tasks and organise everyone to get them cracking ASAP here as we have a wednesday deadline to meet here for a ton of concept artwork from characters to enviro’s.  And all this on NO coffee!! Who would have figured?

I wonder how dhruv is doing with our massive feasibility study that we need done in the next few days, which reminds me after I am done with these artists tasks I get to get cracking back on general research for my proposal document and then even more research for my design document

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