I can, I am, I will

Nov 7th, 2008 | By | Category: Random Musings

I love my new Mantra.  Apply it to anything you want to accomplish and just repeat it over and over and over again..

Lets see, where to start.  Well as always the day began with laughter thanks to Mr. Jon Stewart.  Watch last nights episode if you have a chance as it is hilaaarious and it is always good to start the day off with laughter.. Up late last night with Mikeeeeee down under fixing up my server, installed a global IP ban list and that has dropped Chinese traffic by a huge amount.  Up and Adam today bright and early and ready to kick ass..  Just finished another 30 minute meditation with Holosync and made it through awake which is surprising with the 3.5 hours of sleep I got.  Going to be recording another IndustryBroadcast article, and gearing more towards the management side as I feel I can always learn more about that aspect especially with the upcoming potential for a new and exciting development with Netflow Developments.. New and exciting you ask?  Oh yes, new and Exciting.  Can I say anything about it?  No, but it is new and exciting and has lit yet another fire under my feet to motivate me to cut out that much more sleep 🙂

So Recording Article or two, taking care of emails, emailing level designers as well as our writers to see where they are at and get some updates, going over the message boards with a fine tooth comb to make sure I have replied to everything and people are on task, probalby a good idea to go through DotProject and send out reminder emails to all overdue tasks.  An email needs to go out re: The Meeting of Minds tomorrow as I need to assign homework to everyone involved.  Quick break for lunch perhaps and then I delve into writting and article about the current state of kids entertainment and a profitability analysis and comparison of products such as webkinz, club penguin, runescape, etc etc.  I would like to spend some time recruiting more concept artists as I will be taking some off PL part time for a new and exciting project, and then promotion for fulloutsourcing.net.  After that well then the day is mine, perhaps setting up Jesse’s blog properly and writting a tutorial for Jesse and Rael on how to use their new wordpress blogs.

I am grateful for my energy, I am grateful for rael, I am grateful for Mike E, I am grateful for Nels, I am grateful for my productivity, I am grateful for Art, I am grateful for Dhruv, I am grateful for Sapta, I am grateful for coffee, I am grateful for my focus, I am grateful for my will, I am grateful for Badu, I am grateful for my artists, I am grateful for my creativity, I am grateful for my organisation, I am grateful for my passion.

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