My day is a sneeze(or at least 5)

Nov 6th, 2008 | By | Category: Game Industry, Random Musings

I have to say that Sneezing is probably one of my favourite things in the entire world.. Especially when you do more than one. For whatever reason I have settled in at 5, although it used to be 6. The way your body gets tingles all over and your entire being, your entire existence goes into that sneeze, a brief moment of nirvana. Anyways that is what today is, everything is going into today and at the end I will have tingles all over because of how good it is.

Started off amazing, actually bowed to the pressure of a cute set of brown eyes to go to bed at a decent hour after watching ‘Burn after reading’ so I am rested on my 6.5 hours of sleep, have a pot of coffee sitting hot and ready to kick some serious ass.

Before I do though there are a few things to put out there.. First I started doing holosync meditation ( today so we’ll see how that goes.. But if anything it forces me into 30 minutes of meditation a day..While the meditation isn’t as concentrated as when I sit down to simply meditate I definitely feel that it is worth it for that fact.

Second I started Yoga, and that coupled with Obama’s win I am pretty sure was a good part of why yesterday kicked so much ass.  I can’t even describe how much ass was kicked yesterday, from the moment my eyes opened to the moment sleep washed over me.  My game studio is now in talks to create a childrens game that actually could serve a noble cause in this world, the outsourcing business is doing well, IndustryBroadcast is serving it’s purpose beyond my expectations and my artists are going to be involved in something more and more amazing with each day.  That and volleyball just destroyed, insane jump servers all night, crushing every ball, it was a great great day, and today is that revisited.  Hell already it is even ahead of yesterday, if my life was a stock now would be the time to buy cause it is approaching a verticle line soon!

So today I am recording an IB broadcast, then going over emails and forum posts, probably checking stats to feed my ego, then reading over all the material that Nels sent me, taking notes and probably gong to be doing a good hour or so brainstorming directions for that.  I have to organise a meeting of minds on friday or saturday for our new project, send out emails to my designers to hopefully get them in on this, begin work on setting up the website, starting forums, a DotProject system and then a Wiki and layout the design document, the proposal document and lastly the concept document.

That should take me to noon or 1pm, afterwhich I do some work on the outsourcing front.  Call the one design company that is looking for PHP people and begin compiling the list of companies in K-town I missed the first pass as well as those in Vernon and Penticton.

Now we get to Paradise Lost, Alex is pretty much done the market which is good, have to stay on top of timo with the book design and go out to recruit some high poly modellers to create this guy for the flash presentation.  Then it is time to kick ass on the PL concept document and perhaps work into the design doc so that I can have that ready for the 15th.

All in all a day of kicking ass is to be had.  And My recommendation for tunes today is the Elder Scrolls IV Soundtrack.. Great great comositions.. Just grabbed The Gears of War Soundtrack and that is looking pretty good too

I am grateful for Rael, I am grateful for Badu, i am grateful for my focus,  I am grateful for the rain, I am grateful for my artists, I am grateful for my path, I am grateful for my dedication, I am grateful for my creativity, I am grateful for my passion, I am grateful for Dhruv, I am grateful for India, I am grateful for Nels, I am grateful for Dave, I am grateful for Kathy, I am grateful for Tony, I am grateful for Cory, I am grateful for my family, I am grateful for my energy, I am grateful for my drive

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