Lazy Saturday! Bad man I am, bad man

Nov 1st, 2008 | By | Category: Game Industry, Games, Random Musings

Bad day overall with happy ending.. Slept in instead of just getting up like I knew I should have at 8 I fell victim to the comforts of a wamr bed and have been hating myself all day because of it.

Motivation was lacking and consequentially many rounds of Overgod ensued. Did do a full hour Audio Article for which probably took 3 hours of recording time so I suppose that is one productive thing that resulted in this day but that is about where the boat stops.. Yay for feeling horribly dissapointed with myself down to my core.

However the happy ending is that overgod and ALL remaining games(albeit they were linux games) have been removed. Well with the exception of Barrage which is something that has a time limit of 1 minute on. In all fairness Overgod was nothing like Chromium.. Overgod actually is a great game overall and you can check it out here: .

Although from a lot of recent talks I’ve been listening to and reading for that matter(Ernest Adams in Particular) one thing definitely rang true from them.. Why the hell do game designers force the player to play their game their way? Honestly if I want to remove the timer in Overgod so I can play a nice leisurely game with my secondary fire it would have made it unbelievably more fun.. IF I could just go into god mode (true god mode as there is a god mode feature that does nothing) then why not? Are the Ego’s of designers to unbearably pathetic that they just start crying or spontaneously combusting if their games aren’t being played and the player isn’t dying and being incredibly frustrated according to their rules? Come on, wake up people. The more ways a player can play, win, loose, die and survive in your game the more players your game will have BAR NONE. If the player wants to go invincible and play through it so be it, does their single player experience detract from the game whatsover for those people that choose to play through the game the way it was intended? Imagine if in Monopoly when you decided to ‘loan’ someone money to help them out the game board just started on fire and mr. monopoly cast you down into hell to burn for all eternity for not playing his game his way.. How much more fun has been had at monopoly because of this, or trading properties, or bartering o ut of a bind, or any board game for that matter.. Why are we different? I’ll tell you why, because we can.. Because designers with a God complex have the tools to force players to play their way as apposed to monopoly which can’t be auto-policed by the company. So because we can, and because our ego’s are the size of the Atlantic WE DO.. At the end of the day the only single thing you have done is alienated a potential customer base, which could mean dozens, 100’s or 1000’s of unit sales.

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