5 Great minds of Game Design on board

Oct 31st, 2008 | By | Category: Game Industry

We now have 5 amazing and Experienced minds of our Industry on board for offering articles to IndustryBroadcast.com: Jamie Fristrom of gamedevblog.com, Bruno Urbain of bruno-urbain.com, Daniel Cook of LostGarden.com Joris Dormans of jorisdormans.nl , Jonas Heide Smith of http://jonassmith.dk .

I was getting worried today as Bruno Urbain only has 2 articles currently online(although he has some wicked ones in the works) but an email from Jonas Smith tipped the scales for me.. He has his Ph.D in Video Games and his articles are absolutely humoungous. I am going to probably be looking at an hour read per article which means I’ll probably break it up into 2 pieces per article maybe even 3 with some of these.. And boy are they indepth.  A little more dry and technical than the others but I think there is some incredible learning from this man, as well as from the other amazing minds contributing to industrybroadcast.com .. I definitely feel like I have something of great value here to offer the games industry!

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