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Thank god I finally uninstalled that piece of garbage game today.. Chromium is a game that came closest I feel to being something great but because of a designer who obviously(I am pretty sure he works for NASA) is a genius yet lacks any sort of common practical intelligence whatsoever.  The only reason I say this is because I am absolutely certain that specific game mechanics were implemented just to appease his ego and to piss the player off.

Examples are that every time you start a new game in the same session it ramps up the frame rate of the game making everything come at you faster and faster.. To give you reference the game normally plays at 50-60fps, after starting 10 new games you are at 120fps making the game insanely difficult and frustrating for someone that doesn’t know what is going on as youjust feel like you are getting worse and worse

Secondly the collission detection is made by a 6 year old.  You have a shield around your ship that makes other enemy ships bounce off, yet to pick up a powerup you literally must get it overtop of the center pixel of your ship.. You can’t touch it with a wing or the nose, so you end up missing all of the powerups while the enemies sneak by

Third and most obvious being that when you die the game just ends and prints ‘looser’ on the screen a clear indication that the designer is mainly there to make the player feel like garbage

The problem with Chromium however is that the actual game idea and elements are great!  The concept, the power ups, the strategy that you develop when playing is fantastic and hte game itself could have been a massive hit in the casual gaming world I feel had the designer actually made this game with the thought that it coudl be something great. Instead It is apparent he went into it thinking that it would never amount to anything publically so why not put in features that piss off his friends and random players so that he could sit back and be smug in his geekdom that he just called 500 people a looser today.  If he didn’t work at NASA I would be sitting smug knowing that his ego probably blew a chance at a dream job designing games for a living, but working at NASA I can imagine he already has his dream job.  Pity, as I would have liked to at least have a bit of smugness in me today.  Instead I just get to uninstall the source of my morning frustrations and never have to look at it again

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