Linux / Freebsd

How to find incremental numbers in a file and increase them by a certain amount with perl and SED

So let’s say you have a file and in it is ton of field ID’s, something like this  <field id=”68″ size=”medium” type=”checkbox”> What you want to do is take the first 68 of these fields as well as all of their code and then append these new 68 fields and all of their code onto
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How to make an automated connection checker and IP blocker for your server

I like to think of it as a door man for my server, or my little centurion  What this little guy does is checked the last 5 hours of access logs to your server to see if there are any IP’s that are hitting your server an unusually high amount of times.  If it finds
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Changing vmail user passwords in mysql with phpMyAdmin

So I had a bit of a head scratcher with this one today as I’m used to changing passwords in wordpress by going into the user’s table and typing the password in the value box and choosing md5 in the function dropdown window.  Well that just ended up in disaster for vmail. It ends up
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Properly setting up an SSL cert for a site running on a Debian/Linux server with Apache 2.2, mod_ssl and Nginx

Well after doing this and redoing it again and spending way too much time re-learning how to do it the second time I’m just going to bite the bullet and take the extra hour to blog about the process so that  next time I can just follow my easy step-by-step guide(and hopefully you can too
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Preventing a server melt-down and saving resources: Block all Shit bot

Alright, I woke up today to a load average of 75.. Seventy-fucking-FIVE.  I didn’t even know that shit was possible and I’m pretty sure the guys at the DC were probably roasting marshmellows over my glowing box.  I couldn’t believe it so into my server I went, waiting 5 minuets for every command I typed
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Cannot remove nvidia package because of No diversion ‘diversion ?

Got this error today: Fetched 1,845 kB in 2s (853 kB/s) (Reading database … 213548 files and directories currently installed.) Removing libgl1-nvidia-alternatives … No diversion ‘diversion of /usr/lib/ to /usr/lib/nvidia/diversions/ by libgl1-nvidia-alternatives’, none removed. Removing ‘diversion of /usr/lib/ to /usr/lib/nvidia/diversions/ by libgl1-nvidia-alternatives’ dpkg-divert: rename involves overwriting `/usr/lib/′ with different file `/usr/lib/nvidia/diversions/′, not allowed dpkg: error
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Problems mounting shared folders in a Debian Virtual OS running in a Windows Host

So this was a silly problem I ran into today and it’s really only the lack of very specifically labeled help available online about that caused me to write this.  Basically what I did was to install Debian 6 64 with vmware inside of a windows 7 machine.  I cringe to think I am doing
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Need to get a bunch of pgp keys for your 3rd party linux repos fast?

Are you reinstalling your OS and having mroe than a few 3rd party repos that need to have pgp keys installed to access?  Are you dreading the processing of googling them all and wgetting the keys and then importing them? dread no more because there’s an easier way!  Just use the MIT keyserver to grab
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A few words about custom partitions and /var

So I just installed Debian onto my new laptop, this time through vmware with a windows 7 host because I for once have enough ram and cpu to handle virtualization, and this time I felt I was ready to custom configure a more complex partition schema based on my experience.  Not the recommended BS that
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Database wide search and replace script

Just something I thought that I would post as I needed a quick solution to do a search and replace of an entire Mysql Database.  It’s actually dumping the DB, searching and replacing the dump file and then re-importing it.  But it does the trick   #!/bin/bash if (($# >= 1)) ; then if (($#
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Drupal users – Get Views Bulk Operations

This isn’t an installation guide or anything like that, it’s just a piece of advice.  Go out and get the get the Views bulk operations module.. It will save you more time than I can imagine changing taxonomy terms in bulk and doing other batch operations on your content nodes.

Speeding up PHP with APC (NOT eAccelerator) in Debian Squeeze running php 5 and apache 2

Well today my server was being killed by something or other and after 30 minutes of trying to track down what it was I decided to spend my time optimizing my server and implementing a proper caching mechanism (finally!).  I come from a BSD background and we ran eAccelerator on all of our servers so
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Are you a photoshop user and experiencing Solid State Drive(SSD) failures? Here’s why

Your scratch disk is writing and caching so frequently it is slowly wearing down your hard drive.  According to Help Desk Keep it boils down to the way SSDs are built you see an SSD wears down every time they are written accessed. If you have read reviews of SSDs before, you have probably read about how an
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Take screenshots? Get Screenpresso! (seriously, like right now)

So I was motivated by all of my colleagues on Macs being able to take screenshots and have them instantly uploaded to where they would be available and the link to them automatically copied into their clipboard to paste to whoever needed it.   If you do any sort of online collaborating this is
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Preventing windows from going to sleep/hibernating while file transfers are in progress

So you’ve got a massive upload for a client that is due in the morning so you set it to upload and hit the hay after a 20 hour work day(and by hit the hay I mean collapse at your desk).  Imagine the horror when you wake up to find out that fucking windows went
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Thunderbird has a max size per folder: Errors saying cannot copy to sent folder today

So it appears that if you are like me and save 100% of your emails that thunderbird will eventually shit a brick and tell you enough is enouhg.. From what I’ve read that limit is 4GB per folder, or in my case 14236 emails in the sent folder.  A fine example of why it might
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All Time High-Score for Overgod’s Time Trial

Well googling ‘Overgod’ and ‘time trial’ and ‘high school’ come up with absolutely zero results, so here’s hoping that there’s actually someone else out there that plays this game as much as I do and will stumble upon this.  Better yet, here’s to hoping there are a few hundred people out there like that Seeing
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Starcraft Single Player Gameplay

Just caught the first video of the single player campaign in detail and oooh mama that gets me hot in the pants.

Starcraft 2 Battle Report #3

Just watched the latest Battle Report for Starcraft 2 and man this game is looking impressive. I can see the hours of my life already being sucked away

Best Tower Defense game hands down Without a doubt the best Tower Defense game I have played, and I’ve played a lot of them There is a ton of rethinking your strategy as you go throughout, just the right amoutn of challenge where youcan adopt new strategies, test and refine before getting too frustrated and giving up. The complexity of
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Game Industry

A Shout out to Kelowna and Okanagan Video Game Developers

At the last OK Game Developer Cluster meet-up we discussed the need to get more people networked and involved in the local Game Developer here in Kelowna.  It is a wonderful blessing to have Disney and Club Penguin in our beautiful city as they has no doubt inspired many people to pick up the trade
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The Uncanny Valley

Was just showed this video today and started to look for more resources on the topic so I thought I’d share 7 Part Series:

Sony’s and Microsofts new 3D Controllers

The tracking on this thing looks really impressive(“Sub-milimeter accuracy”).  To take the Wii Experience, but better, and put it on the power of the PS3 is enticing to say the least. And M$ wouldn’t be outdone by Sony and is also jumping on the Nintendo Bandwagon.  Now what we really should be excited is to
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EuroGamer standing behind unfair and ignorant reviews?

I have respect for what this company is doing with this game.. They are going down a road that is against popular WoW trends and aren’t sacrficing their vision to play it safe.  A lot of things get me pumped for this game and what this company is doing so it ticks me off when
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Mozilla Seabird: Best tech concept of the decade (Get a towel)

You can read all about the concept here but to be clear this is simply a concept, mozilla has stated they have absolutely no intentions of entering the OS nor the hardware market. The Mozilla Seabird, part of the Mozilla Labs’ Concept Series, is an experiment in how users might interact with their mobile content
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Netvibes – This will change your life, your virtual one at least

HTTP://WWW.NETVIBES.COM In my experience with talking with folks that are much more tech savvy than I, one of the most surprising things is how few people know about Netvibes, even more surprising is how few people in the world actually use this brilliant free resource.   I’ve had this post in draft forward for well over
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Bill Gates on Cnet – Talks about why he’s fired up

In a recent video interview Bill Gates did with CNET , he talks about this work with his foundation, what’s getting him fired up and how to tackle some of these bleak challenges facing the world today. I find it interesting just to sit and watch this man talk, such an unassuming guy that I’ve
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Science Fiction as a tool for human survival

It was like film directors and authors realized this magic lamp where they could very surreptitiously put these unquestioned injustices into peoples minds and make them question them for the first time. I wouldn’t call this a ‘golden age’ of sci-fi but it certainly was a purer age.


How to prevent Gravity Forms input button placement

If you use gf_left_third or anything else that’s moving elements around and resizing them you could run into the trouble where the submit, next or previous buttons no longer stay at the bottom but jump up into your design.  To fix this you just need to insert this into your themes style.css file body .gform_wrapper
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How to change the background and hover background color on dropdowns and multi selects in Gravity forms

This might be one of the more obscure solutions I post but I imagine I’ll need to reference this later and save myself the 2 hours of searching around it took me today.  So if you want to change the background color for dropdowns go into formsmain.css and go change the following:   First ot
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Never loose form information and text by accidentally pressing the back button

Well this has probably happened to be a few hundred times but for whatever reason today I thought to do something make sure it doens’t happen again.. i’m talking about when you fill out a text field on an online form or somewhere and then for whatever reason you hit back, close the tab or
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Sample CISPA Blackout Page HTML to save you the time

Just incase you are planning on blacking out your site(s) on April 22nd, 2013 I’ve made a sample CISPA page which I think is pretty decent.  All you have to do is save it as index.html and put it in your domains root folder/directory.  Obviously you’ll want to back up your existing index.html file first.
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Random Musings

How to fix broken windows explorer icons

So system mechanic did something today that broke all of my windows explorer folder icons inside of my box sync folder for some reason.. Not sure what it did but the fix was pretty painless and can be found in this video below:

Fixing ‘This page includes script from unauthenticated sources’ problem with ssl wordpress install on apache+nginx server

This was a headache and a half that ate up 4 hours of my life.  So here’s the deal, I have a wordpress install that NEEDS to run completely on ssl(https) and everything was running tickity boo until we did a wordpress update last week.  All of a sudden all of the css and js
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Another amazing wordpress plugin: Advanced Editor

For anyone who’s doing any work in the CSS or php files of wordpress this one is a must, I’m just shocked at how long it took me to find it.  The main reason I stumbled open it was that I was looking for a way to display the line numbers in my editor as
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Why is my jpg so big?

Ran into a funny little problem today as I was exporting a jpg file GIMP: It was fricken huge, relatively speaking.  This was a 4×80 image and it was 6.8kb.  It made no sense for this to be any larger than 600-800bytes but for some reason it would not come down to less than 10
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